A Quick Guide to Esajee’s Return Policy

Esajee’s return policy has different policies for just about every category, and it can feel like it’s easy to keep everything straight. This quick guide will help you understand when and why you will need to process an Esajee’s return as a buyer—plus how you can avoid that situation in the first place.

3 Reasons Why a Buyer Can Return an Item

  • No Longer Want Their Purchase

There’s nothing at all wrong with the product. You just don’t want it anymore.

You can return it to us in sealable condition within 3 days of receipt (Except perishables, they do not cover any return policy). However, your return would be accepted and refunded within five days of getting your item back.

Note: If returning a product costs logistics charges, those would be beard by customer only. Esajee's won’t be responsible for compensating any return cost.

  • Their Purchase Is Damaged

Everyone has a story of ordering something fragile and finding it completely destroyed when it arrived at their doorstep. This is bad enough when you’re the customer. But when you’re the seller, you’re looking at completely losing your investment if you provide a full refund.

Esajee’s understands this and allows customers to get items delivered again to their doorstep by letting them know about damaged items. Customers, may also avail opportunity of grabbing a discount code for their next purchase.

  • The Item Is “Materially Different” from the Listing

Worst-case scenario: If the item customer receives does not match the description on the listing, the images, and any highlighted notes you might have added, then it might be considered materially different.

If a customer claims that something is not as described, our best bet is to provide an exchange or a full refund immediately.

When a Buyer Can Initiate a Return

Buyers typically have 03 days after receipt to get a return in the mail and on its way back to you.


Esajee’s return policy is quite fair and offers protection to buyers. Just take the time to understand it and combine your experience with their exceptional customer service.