The Future of Online Shopping is Mobile Shopping

With rapid increase and development in technology now every human looks for the ways to do things conveniently and rapidly. In this era of technology development online shopping and smartphones are going on hands with each other. Last year the retail world saw important changes driven by rapidly evolving consumers’ shopping behaviors, technological advancements and ultimately, the official rise of the mobile consumer.

From recent studies and research work it has been concluded that:

1. Nowadays 80% of smartphone owners now use mobile to shop online.

2. Mobile digital media consumption (51%) is now significantly higher than desktop (42%).

It means that in upcoming years it is more expected that online sales will be double through smart phones. This blend seems to be the perfect match and very convenient.

The stream of smartphones sales has very positive and successful impact on Pakistan's e-commerce arcade; which is actually on his roadway to become a huge developed industry in coming years.

Shopping through Mobile in Pakistan

Esajee’s have come a long way & is one of the pioneer and most successful businesses to launch its own mobile shopping applications. They have provided their customers with user friendly android and ios based applications. You can search and see from your cell phone, there are so many products from grocery, household, beauty, personal care, food and much more by Esajee’s and they are very responsive about online deals as well.

Esajee’s | Making it all Easy

Esajee's brings to you the convenience and luxury of getting your favorite brands delivered to your doorstep - With all updated approaches, Esajee's has it's mobile applications to enable users to get the delight of online shopping in Pakistan. One can easily find our free Esajee’s Android App from play store or free Esajee’s iOS App from apple store and start enjoying the comfort of this technology oriented era.

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