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Esajee's is the leading e-commerce platform in Pakistan. We provide you with the opportunities to prove your capabilities and pursue your full growth potential.

We are looking for an experienced, adventurous and motivated professionals to join our team for the following job openings:

  1. Manager HR
    Candidate must have Master's Degree in Human Resource Management and at least two to three years of experience.

  2. Assistant Purchase Manager
    Sound Knowledge of purchasing cycle. Good communication skills.

  3. Cashier
    Must have at least two years experience of a retail shop with good English communication skills.

  4. Floor In Charge
    Must have Master's Degree with experience in a retail store. Should have knowledge of imported products & goods.

Drop your resume at: [email protected]

Our HR team will diligently evaluate your resume with the requirements of the post you have applied for. Since, we may receive good number of applications for all the positions that we advertise, it is not possible to communicate with every candidate individually. Therefore, only the short-listed candidates will be contacted by the HR team to invite them for interview and other assessments as deemed appropriate.

Thank you!

About Us

In 1901, Esajee & Sons was established in the city of Rawalpindi, Pakistan, during the British rule of the Indian sub-continent. In 1965, Esajee & Sons became Esajee & Co. and became one of the first retail grocery stores in the Capital City of Pakistan i.e. Islamabad. Later, established two more branches in Lahore. Also, has an Online Shopping Store for facilitating its customers. With over 20,000 products and over a 1600 brands in our catalogue, you will find everything you are looking for - Right from Condiments & Spices, Seasonings to Packaged products, Beverages, Personal care products, frozen, and non-perishable groceries, health and beauty supplies, household, gift and baby items. – we have it all.

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